During my initial consultation for Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower Eyelids) Mr Hassan took a considerable amount of time explaining what he could do, what the risks might be and what he could achieve with surgery. I was not quite sure, but I will always remember Mr Hassan said “Don’t rush into a decision, it’s not cancer and you could have it done any time” I knew then that it was not about money, but that this man really did want to do his best for his patients. I had the procedure on June 2nd 2014 using a special type of anaesthesia called TIVA or “twilight” anaesthesia. This allows rapid pain free recovery after the procedure. I was semi conscious and totally pain free during the operation. It meant I could go home within a couple of hours after the procedure and four weeks on I am delighted with the outcome. All of Mr. Hassan’s staff and colleagues have been great and I have to say that Carolyn, The Practice Manager, has been wonderful, reassuring before the procedure, checking on my progress and always available should I have any concerns. Thank you.