Hello Carolyn, hope you are well, not sure if this is protocol but I just
wanted to take the time out of my day to say thank you to you and Dr. Hassan
for all your help and support over these past few weeks. You have answered all
of my questions quickly and with such patience and sincerity.

If you could please tell Dr Hassan I got my first look at my chest today, and
I was taken aback by the skill that has gone into the procedure. While I know
I have a long way to go, I feel like my beginning is someone else’s halfway
point. He truly is an artist, and I feel privileged to have stumbled upon him
in my research. I hope you don’t mind receiving an email of this kind, I know
you both must be very busy people, but I have always been brought up to make
time to give thanks to those who deserve it and you both most certainly do.

Bilateral Breast Uplift and Fat Transfer Patient