Mr Paul Levick Retirement

Mr Paul Levick Retires / Retirement from the BMI Priory Hospital: It was great to recently meet up with the recently retired Mr Paul Levick, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, who was presenting his wealth of experience at the recent UKAAPS meeting held at the Aesthetic Medicine Live Meeting at London Olympia. Mr Paul Levick told Mr Sultan Hassan that he was enjoying his retirement, keeping busy with his medico-legal expert practice now that he had finally parked his scalpel. Mr Levick operated at the Priory Hospital in Birmingham, also called the BMI Priory Hospital. He had been in private practice for around 40 years. Mr Levick has built a very successful private practice with a particular interest in breast implant surgery, male gynaecomastia surgery through a minimal armpit incision and the one stitch lift. Mr Levick will be missed from the plastic surgery circuit in the Midlands and will be difficult to replace. Mr Hassan spent time during his training as an Intercollegiate Aesthetic Surgery Fellow learning from other plastic surgeons including Mr Levick who was an excellent teacher, based on his wealth of experience. As part of Mr Hassan’s extensive training in cosmetic/aesthetic surgery, he perfected his skills in cosmetic surgery by visiting, observing and assisting many of the leading cosmetic surgeons from around the world, including USA, Sweden, Spain, Germany and France. This dedicated fine tuning of his surgical skills helped shape him into the award winning surgeon he is today. Mr Hassan has now performed several thousand procedures and was honoured to win the Patient/Public voted, Good Surgeon Guide, Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year Award. At our Birmingham based hospitals, Elite Surgical, offers a full range of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments to patients from the midlands and nationwide. Surgically we specialise in:-
  • breast implant surgery / breast augmentation / enlargement
  • breast implant replacement surgery
  • breast uplift surgery
  • breast reduction surgery
  • tummy tuck
  • facelift / neck lift / one stitch lift / thread lift
  • male gynaecomastia surgery
  • eyelid surgery and eye bag removal surgery
  • rhinoplasty or nose job (including primary and revision)
  • liposuction
  • arm and thigh lift
  • forehead lowering, brow lift
  • cheek implants, chin implants and lip implants
In the Midlands, we offer consultations in Birmingham and Halesowen with operating at the  fabulous Ramsay West Midlands Private Hospital and the Westbourne Centre. Mr Hassan is one of a handful of experts who now super specialise in Cosmetic Surgery exclusively, having been a fully trained and accredited reconstructive plastic surgeon. Mr Hassan, like an increasing number of his peers, believes that cosmetic surgery should almost be regarded as a sub-specialty in its own right based on an established and completed training in general plastic surgery (FRCS(Plast) qualification). Mr Hassan now offers tailored advice to his patients, by understanding his patients desired outcomes and then relating this to likely outcomes, using his skills, experience and training to advise what is realistically achievable, following a thorough explanation of the relative benefits and risks of any surgery. After the first formal consultation, there is no further consult fee usually payable, if a patient wishes to return for a subsequent consultation and indeed patients are encouraged to take 2 weeks to reflect before committing to any surgery. subsequent consultations can be via Skype of FaceTime if a patient prefers. Occasionally if more convenient and often for our overseas patients, an initial consultation is normally virtual i.e. via Skype or FaceTime. If you are one of Mr Levick’s previous patients from the Priory Hospital or indeed elsewhere, then we would be delighted to assist you if you require any advice or further treatment. To book a face to face consultation with Mr Hassan in Birmingham, then please complete the booking form or give us a call on 07474112263 or 0800112263