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At Elite Surgical we pride ourselves on looking after the patient as a whole.  As well as ongoing support and access to your surgeon we work in partnership with The Wright Initiative to offer emotional and psychological support, both before and after your treatment.

PaPPS – Pre and Post Procedure Support

PaPPS is a dedicated support programme which offers emotional and psychological support for people who are considering or having elective surgical or cosmetic procedures.

PaPPS has been developed to offer holistic support to the patient and surgeon.  It enables the patient to explore and address emotional and psychological issues either pre or post operatively

With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery,  demand for therapeutic support has risen. Pre- and post-operative evaluation is vital to help your surgeon assess your psychological condition.

The Wright Initiative

The Wright Initiative, recognising the importance of supporting the patient and the surgeon offers patients one-to-one support, both before and after having cosmetic treatment. This ensures that patients are prepared, mentally and physically for their changed appearance.

Patients have a 60-minute assessment which gives them an opportunity to consider, how the treatment will affect them emotionally and psychologically. This means that they are then able to make a fully informed decision about their treatment.

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