Silimed Implants Use Suspended Around The World

Silimed implants have been temporarily withdrawn from use following the loss of their CE mark certification after contaminants were apparently found on the surface of implants during an inspection by German regulators at Silimed’s manufacturing plant in Brazil. Currently there are no reported health issues for patients who have these implants. The implants have often been termed Brazilian Furries.  Patients are advised to contact their surgeon or hospital/company for further information. Elite Surgical would like to reassure our patients that we have never used these types of implants.

Elite Surgical mainly use Polytech implants, Polyurethane textured implants produced by Polytech (German company) at their factory in Dieburg, Germany.  They are arguably the best breast implants in the world. Long term quality data has shown that Polytech Breast Implants have a  Capsular Contracture (less scarring) rate of around 1-1.5% after 15 years of implantation, compared to other implants that have capsular contracture rates of ~20% after years, making Polytech implants probably the safest implants on the market anywhere in the world. Based on this long-term safety and quality data these  breast implants carry an independent insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London that is free for the first two years and can be then extended directly year on year thereafter at a small premium, giving true peace of mind. This policy covers each implant for up to £1500 worth of insurance cover. These implants have a Velcro like effect that have a reduced risk of migration/rotation and demand a higher level of surgical accuracy to achieve the best result and so can take a little longer to implant; one of the reasons why they are more commonly preferred by only the leading breast experts, such as at Elite Surgical.


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