I gained 2st in weight going from a 34B to 34DD, the weight had to go. I went back to the gym and back running, the weight came off. I was back to 8st 2lb extremely happy with that, apart from I now have a drooping breasts and extra tissue in this area. I had worked hard to get fit and my only option to improve my breasts was to consider at surgery.

Mr Sultan Hassan, Consultant plastic surgeon, came highly recommended to me and with no pressure attitude, he has a caring bedside manner and extremely professional. I was well informed as to what was realistic and achievable to get the best results for my personal requirements. Being told to go away and think about what was discussed during my consultation, which I did.

I am a retired Health Professional and do not take surgery lightly, there is an element of risk with any surgery and I knew I did not want the added risk of a General Anaesthetic. I was offered the “TIVA” (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) – perfect for me.

I have to say you girls that don’t fancy the twilight state, you are missing a treat, and in summary it was great ! I had a canula in the back of my hand, a couple of seconds of discomfort down the left arm as I drifted into a semi awareness world, a really pleasant feeling. Being sort of aware of people and conversation some of the time but in a dream like manner which was both comforting and reassuring. I had a cyst removed over my eyebrow as an extra procedure and was totally unaware of it happening however a dressing was insitu when I came out.

I remember being put on the trolley for recovery and being tucked into what felt like a feather quilt feeling wonderful and cosy, no nausea, no sore throat, no feeling dreadful and no overnight stay, instead I pleasantly drifted back to reality. In about 15mins I was having a mug of tea, followed by another plus a cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps, and within the hour I was on my way home. Try doing that on a general anaesthetic ! you can’t. In a word I thought “TIVA” was AWESOME. I must mention at this point all this was achieved by the skill and expertise of a wonderful Anaesthetist who sailed me through my surgery Dr Sanker, thankyou once again.


I was given pain relief to go home, 4hrs later taking 2 Co-codamol, then moved on to Paracetamol as and when needed. After 2 days I was tender but I would not call it pain. I slept sat up in bed for 10 nights, which I found difficult but for the sake of good results one goes the extra mile. I had minimal bruising; no bleeding, little swelling and I could tell it was a neat job under the dressings. I had no problems with the antibiotics; 3 weeks on I feel great, plenty of walking and finally removed original dressings in the shower, everything looking pretty good. I will be following their strict instructions to get good results on wound healing.

I feel Mr Hassan has used my natural breast tissue, removed the unsightly excess tissue to give me volume were I needed it, giving a more healthy look. He did say I may lose ½ an inch, I actually fit into my original sports bra they just look better. Very happy, it was never about big boobs for me just wanted everything in the right place.

Well Mr Sultan Hussan they say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, well Sir, you just have. Thankyou once again and I look forward to seeing you in eight weeks.