mole removal surgery

Mole Removal Surgery

Moles are small coloured spots on the skin. Moles can be flat or raised, smooth or rough and are usually circular or oval. There are a number of techniques for removing a mole but it is a quick and usually straightforward procedure.

The operation is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic but this is not always necessary, it depends on which treatment you are having and the size, location and number of moles that are being removed.
There are a number of techniques for removing moles. The technique used will depend on the condition, size and location of the mole.
Usually moles are removed with a scalpel and the wound closed with stitches. Alternatively, the mole can be shaved down to the level of the surrounding skin.
After having a mole removed you will have a scar. The size will depend on the type of operation. Also, a scab may form, this is quite normal and this will heal within a week or two. The scar will fade over time.

What is mole removal surgery?

Mole removal surgery involves simple procedures performed with or without local anaesthesia to remove a mole either by shaving or using a scalpel for excision. This is later followed with stitches to close the wound that may form as a result of the mole removal surgery.

Who & why should consider mole removal surgery?

Mole removal surgery is appropriate for individuals who have moles on different parts of the body. While some may be comfortable with it, others may find the need to remove the mole. Another important aspect is the type of mole. Some moles are flat whereas others are raised from the surrounding skin and benefit from mole removal surgery.

Benefits of mole removal surgery

On removal of the mole or moles, patients can often have relatively blemish free skin that is flawless and smoother. Moles on the body create the effect of a flawed appearance spoiling the ideal smooth look. It all depends on the location, the size and the texture of the mole. With mole removal surgery it is possible to achieve smoother skin by a simple procedure.
Preparing for surgery Since the mole removal surgery is performed under local anaesthesia preparations for the procedure are limited.

  • The area surrounding the mole needs to be cleaned
  • The sutures on the wound after the excision will heal and dissolve with time or require removal in 7 days. Where a mole is shaved then the wound is simply dressed and treated as one would treat a simple skin graze.
  • Infections need to be prevented around the wound where formation of a scab can increase the likelihood of infection after a mole removal surgery

After the treatment& Recovery time

The simple procedure offers quick recovery. Mole removal surgery is one of the most straightforward and simple procedures. Individuals can expect to see scars fade over time. The wounds that form after scabs will normally heal within a week or two of the mole removal surgery

Risk & precaution to take

Mole removal surgery is relatively free from major risks. The main risk that can be foreseen is the time taken for the healing of the wound which depends on many different patient factors.

Our cost for Mole Removal is from £750, dependent on consultation.

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