Chemical Skin Peels/TCA Peels


A TCA peel uses a chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of your skin to achieve a smoother and younger appearance. A TCA peel can treat sun damage, lines and wrinkles, age spots and acne scars.  It will also improve the tone and texture of your skin.

TCA peels take between fifteen and thirty minutes.  The length of treatment depends on how many coats of the solution are applied to your skin.  Your skin will be cleansed  to remove any grease  before the solution is applied. Once it has reached the intended depth a neutralizing solution will be applied.  The solution remains on your skin for two to three minutes during which time you will experience a tingling sensation.  After the procedure there will be some skin irritation, redness and swelling.  After a few days, your skin will become tighter and darker.  It will then crack and peel for between four and seven days. Once this is complete you will be able to see the smoother more youthful layer of skin.

Our cost for a TCA Dermal Peel is £950.

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