Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Here at Elite Surgical we pride ourselves on looking after the patient as a whole and believe that, as well as looking at the procedure, what it involves, managing your expectations, we work in partnership with a number of well established and professional organisations who are experts in their field. When it comes to weight loss surgery we only want to work with the very best and Gateway Health fits our profile perfectly.

At Gateway Health our team of specialists has been carefully selected to provide the most effective programme of patient aftercare currently available in the UK. Each patient is individually assessed for their procedure by one of our clinicians. Your procedure takes place in a hand-picked private hospital, providing individualised care and experience with bariatric procedures. Initial post-procedure follow-up is conducted by your dedicated specialist nurse.

The Gateway Health aftercare programme is specific to each procedure and is designed to provide support and education to every patient. Obesity is a complex problem which the procedure alone will not resolve. Our expert aftercare provides you with a clear understanding of how to work with your procedure and live with it long term. We are the first provider of bariatric surgery in the UK to offer a commitment to lifetime support for patients.

Dietary advice and information is overseen by our specialist bariatric dietician who works alongside our team of bariatric nurses to ensure your programme of aftercare compliments your specific procedure. You will be treated by specialists trained to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of your eating habits and behaviours; every stage of your aftercare programme will be tailored to your individual needs.

Our experience working with weight loss surgery patients has led to several key innovations in our programme of aftercare. You can request to suspend your care programme if at any stage you require time away from working with us. Our gastric band patients most often find this helps when their weight loss leads to pregnancy. You shouldn’t have to lose out just because your life has taken you on an unexpected path.

We are proud to be leading the way in encouraging an ethical and fair approach to private healthcare. You will always be our patient and never a customer. We do not offer seasonal discounts, price matching or last minute deals – all our patients pay the same price every day of the year and you will always be seen in clinic by fully qualified nursing staff, never by sales consultants or ‘patient advisors’. Your decision to choose weight loss surgery is an important one – our professional, medical opinion should be our only influence on your choice.

Contact our team for more information on the choices available to you. We won’t make promises about how much weight you will lose, but we can tell you how much weight our patients lose on average; we’re currently achieving weight loss results which are significantly higher than those from major American, Australian and European weight loss surgery research.

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BAAPSAt Elite Surgical, we want to ensure that every patient is aware of the risks, benefits and impact of any surgery; therefore we offer both pre and post procedure support in association with The Wright Initiative.

PaPPS – Pre and Post Procedure Support in partnership with The Wright Initiative

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