Geordie Shore – Hollys Story

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan recently underwent surgery to remove and replace her breast implants. Elite Surgical’s Medical Director and Lead Plastic Surgeon Mr Sultan Hassan carried out at the procedure at the West Midlands Ramsey Hospital using Polytech Implants.

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Holly was asked to talk to on our website about her journey with Elite Surgical.

 What did it feel like before the surgery?

Before the surgery I felt so self conscious of my breasts. They were so droopy and sagging and it became all I could think about. They were causing me to be very unhappy.

 What was your experience of the consultation with Mr Sultan Hassan (Elite Surgical)?

Mr Hassan is a true professional. During the consultation he answered every single one of my questions fully, and I felt totally informed of the procedure.

 What was your experience of the surgery with Mr Sultan Hassan (Elite Surgical)

Surgery results have been amazing, it’s everything I expected so far. I’m only half way through a two part procedure, but I’m excited for the second part.

 Her experience of the aftercare offered by Elite Surgical

After care has been brilliant. I was given some fantastic pain killers, and the advice given by the nursing staff and Mr. Hassan has been everything I needed.

 Her thoughts on the result so far?

The results are in line with my expectations, I’m excited for the second part the uplift.

 Would she recommend Elite Surgical?

I couldn’t recommend anyone other than Elite Surgical to any body who’s considering a breast augmentation. I really suggest you book a consultation with Mr Sultan. He’s given me my confidence back and I am eternally grateful.

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