All You Need to Know About Cheek Implants Surgery in the UK

Before going to a cosmetic surgeon, it is important to develop an understanding of cheek implants in the UK. This way, you can truly gauge if this procedure is the best choice for you. The following information should help you arrive at an informed decision.

  • Cheek implants can help you look younger. Are you concerned that your hollow cheeks are making you appear older than you really are? Cheek implants can give you more prominent cheekbones that will make your face look better-contoured. People who have lost the fullness of their cheeks with age and those who have genetically indistinct cheekbones are the candidates for cheek augmentation.
  • Cheek implants can flatter the face. Cheek implants are not one-size-fits-all products. There is actually a wide range of shape and size options to choose from, and your surgeon can help you with the selection process. Some of the most common types of implants are Medpor, silicone, hydroxyapatite, and Gortex.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal after surgery. You won’t be able to see improvements right after the operation; in fact, all you will see are bruises. You will also experience soreness, and your upper lip may feel numb. Don’t worry—these reactions are all normal. Allow your body to heal and take it easy while recovering.
  • Certain medications and supplements must be discontinued before and after surgery. Sit down for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon for more information and to discuss your health history.

Cheek implants in the UK must be performed by qualified and highly-trained surgeons. A good surgeon will know the right shape and size of implants that will be the best for your face. Be sure to check about your prospective surgeon and clinic, if the one is certified and registered with CQC and it is must.