Sale of Allergan Breast Implants Suspended in the UK – December 2018

Due to the recent loss of the CE mark certification from Allergan Natrelle breast implants, there is understandably much anxiety from patients who may have received these implants in the past. We would like to reassure patients that we have not used Allergan Natrelle Implants at Elite Surgical. We use Polytech breast implants that have a polyurethane textured surface. As of 19/12/2018 there is no requirement or recommendation for patients with Allergan Natrelle breast implants to seek early/premature implant removal or replacement. We would simply advise any patients with pain or swelling or concerns in their breasts to attend their GP or Surgeon for review and assessment. Please refer to the current statement by BAAPS about this recent development by following this link.

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