See Sharon’s Breast Reduction Surgery on Embarrassing Bodies

Elite Surgical’s Medical Director and Lead Plastic surgeon Mr Sultan Hassan performs breast reduction surgery on Sharon for Embarrassing Bodies Live from the Clinic Series 8 Episode 6. Watch it here: Sharon from the West Midlands suffered with extreme pain due to the excessive size of her breasts which grew nine cup sizes in two years. A 34D for most of her adult life, Sharon was left in excruciating pain after her breasts increased to a 40L cup size following a hysterectomy. But after years of pain, Sharon’s ordeal has come to an end, courtesy of a breast reduction operation with Elite Surgical. Under the watchful eye of plastic surgeon Mr Sultan Hassan, the 51-year-old endured more than four hours on the operating table, as 6kg of breast tissue was removed. Nevertheless, she says she is thrilled to be rid of her uncomfortably large breasts. ‘It’s made me feel like a woman again because all i had was these big saggy boobs but now they’re amazing,’ she reveals. ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better result.’ Sharon’s case has attracted world wide interest from the likes of Spain, Italy and America. Read more: Read more: Also featured in Closer Magazine and The Daily Mail Online: Sharons Story